The Magic Flute - Music and Puppet Show Camp 2014

"My two kids attended this camp last year and loved it so much they ended up doing two sessions! If your kid is artsy, then this camp will be the perfect fit. The kids sang and played music (though non-musicians are welcomed), created their own puppets and accompanying set designs. It was incredible. They also interviewed the Queen of the Night, asked her opinion about women's rights, :-) The camp ended with a puppet show that was to die for! For weeks after the camp, my kids were singing Papageno's arias. (They are suited for younger voices as well.)
An other perk: this camp likes to keep its numbers low so every kid receives a great deal of attention and care both from Agnes and her assistant. I cannot recommend it more highly as a summer treat for all."

Ondine T. Young
Parent, violin teacher, choir and orchestra director at Oakland School of the Arts, and Crowden School in Berkeley.

The Magic Flute
Music and Puppet Show Camp 2014

"My 7-year-old daughter attended the 2013 magic flute camp and liked it a lot. It was a good mixture of all: arts and crafts (they created their own puppets and even a board game), music and storytelling. The other great thing was the small group and family-like atmosphere, that allowed the kids to form friendships and feel at home. We're planning to return this summer!"

Irene Rietschel